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LOGDRAFT or Soil Test Programs Won't Start

Data Files for LOGDRAFT and Soil Test Programs (LabSuite, CONS, SHEAR et al.)

California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Topics

CONS (Swell/Consolidation) Version 4 Topics

Grain Size Version 5 Topics

LOGDRAFT (Boring Logs) Version 5 Topics

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Proctor (Moisture-Density) Version 5 Topics


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  • How to Change the Organization Name on Your Printed Reports
  • Discusses how to change the name printed in the title block of Geosystem reports.

  • Merging Two Projects Containing Field Density Data
  • The Geosystem Data Manager can merge two projects as long as they don't include field density reports. If the project has field density reports an additional step is required. To merget the field density reports open the project then open the field density module. Select Tools > Merge QC-Density. If duplicate test numbers are encountered you will be given the option to include or ignore.

  • Error Message: "Error 3265 Item not found in this collection"
  • If the error occurs in a message box with the heading "SetStandardColumnsVersion X.X.X" you must delete a file in the project folder. Have all users exit the project. Then, using Windows, open the project folder and delete any files with a .ldb file extension. The project folder is the folder you pick to open the project, with the name extension .GEO.

  • Adding Logos to Field Density Reports
  • Only custom forms, created by Geosystem, can have logos. For a quote for a custom form, send a sample of your desired form and a price will be provided.

Soil Classification Version 5 Topics

Triaxial & Direct Shear, Unconfined Compression (SHEAR)

Unsupported Versions

OUTDATED: Grain Size Version 4 Topics

OUTDATED: Proctor (Moisture-Density) Version 4 Topics

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