Moving Your LOGDRAFT or Soil Lab. Test Projects to a New Computer

Last Revised February 4, 2011

Background: This document explains how to move laboratory test data or boring log project files from one computer to another.


  1. On your new computer, install your GEOSYSTEM package.
  2. You'll need to copy your files to a USB key or over the network to your new computer, so insert the key into your old computer, or make sure you have an empty directory on a network share ready.
  3. Start Windows Explorer and navigate to the directory that you're using to store your project folders. If you don't know where your project files are: Start your GEOSYSTEM program and look at the subdirectory listed next to each project shown in the "recent projects" list on the opening screen.
  4. Each project is stored in its own folder under the subdirectory you found in the previous step, with a .GEO extension: Just right-click on a project folder and "Copy", then go to your USB key or network share directory, right-click and select "Paste".
  5. When you have all of your files copied, go to your new computer and create a new directory in which to store them (under Vista or Windows 7, you could use C:\users\public\documents\geosystem, which is already created for you).
  6. Finally, copy the project folders from your USB key or network share over to the directory you created in the previous step.

After you've copied your project files over, you might want to read this support document for tips on moving your program settings, grain size specification envelopes, CONS machine deflection tables, LOGDRAFT boring log forms, etc., from your old machine to your new.