QC-Density Version 2
Software for Field Compaction Test Reporting

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The GEOSYSTEM Quality Control - Density program (QC-Density) is a database-based program for reporting field density test results. Built in calculations find the percent compaction, report whether the test passed or failed, and even perform the AASHTO T 224 rock correction. A variety of stock report formats are available, and custom reports are available for a fee.

  • If licensed in conjunction with the GEOSYSTEM Moisture Density Test program or the LabSuite or Enterprise Suite packages, Proctor test results are automatically available while entering field density data.
  • Choose from a variety of supplied report formats.
  • Can automatically add specifications to each test entered.
  • Setup options for US or metric units, fonts, table sizes, etc.
  • Sort and find options.
  • Several convenient ways to select tests to be reported.
  • Can print envelopes or mailing labels along with the report.

QC-Density is site licensed. One license fee covers unlimited installations at a single address and there are no ongoing maintenance costs.