Upgrade Center

The table below lists the release date for the current version of each GEOSYSTEM Software products, along with prices to upgrade from previous versions and a list of new features included in each new release:

Product Released Upgrade Cost New Features
64 bit compatibility upgrade June 2010
From GDM v. 2.1:  
Provides the ability to install and run on 64-bit Windows. Available to clients:
  • With all current software, i.e. all available upgrades installed
  • Note that DOS applications Permeability and Concrete Performance Report will not be supported, but having them does not preclude obtaining the 64-bit compatibility upgrade.
Atterberg Limits not available
not available
Now a part of CLSuite and LabSuite
Axial & Direct Shear December 2003 From DOS:  
  • Export reports as Adobe Acrobat .PDF files for emailing to clients
  • Convenient single data entry screen for all data
  • Mouse adjustment of all tangent line constructions
  • Improved data summary report
version 5
May 2010
From LOGDRAFT Version 4:  
From DOS:  
See this page for new Logdraft 5 features
California Bearing Ratio 2003
From DOS:  
  • .PDF report creation
  • Up-to-date standards support
Grain Size Distribution
version 4
April 2005
From DOS:  
Windows v. 1 upgrade:  
  • New chart styles (linear, log-probability)
  • Multiple sieve sample splits
  • .PDF report creation
  • See this page for info. on Classification Suite package.
  • See this page for info. on the LabSuite package.
Moisture Density
version 4
November 2007
From DOS:  
From Windows v. 1.x  
  • New curve plotting options, including options to selectively omit test points from curves and to plot curves that average the distance between each test point (which helps to smooth oddly-shaped curves)
  • Exports reports as Adobe .PDF files and XML files (directly readable by newer Excel spreadsheet programs)
  • Latest test specifications
  • Color curves on compaction charts and color logo support
version 2
June 2003
From DOS:  
From QC-Concrete 1.x:  
version 4
From version 1: $0
From DOS:  
Resistance R-value
version 3
From DOS:  
From Windows version 1.x:  
  • Creates .PDF reports
  • 64-bit operating system compatibility
Soil Classifications not available
not available
Now part of the Classification Suite and LabSuite packages
version 4
From DOS:  
From Windows version 1.x:  
See this page

File Compatibility

  • All Windows upgrades remain fully compatible with data entered using the older version of the software. All specification envelopes, sieve nests and compaction test specifications created using the older programs remain available after the upgrade.

  • LOGDRAFT version 5 is fully compatible with all files created with its predecessor, LOGDRAFT 4, as well as the DOS LOGDRAFT III program. Compatibility includes both data entered into project files as well as report and data entry forms.