Installable Moisture-Density Test Specifications

NOTE: These files are provided "as-is" with no warranty as to their accuracy. It is the user's responsibility to verify that the selected test specification conforms to the latest standards.

GEOSYSTEM packages with moisture-density (Proctor) support allow the addition of downloadable test specifications to the programs' test specification list. (For more information on test specifications, see Section 2.4 in the GEOSYSTEM Proctor User's Guide, or Section 2.6.3 in the LabSuite4 User's Guide.) The list below provides download links for specialized moisture-density test specifications from various state Departments of Transportation and other organizations.

To install one of these specifications, right-click on the link provided, select "Save Target As" then save the file your program's shareable config. file directory (click this link for help in finding the proper directory).

Finally, restart your GEOSYSTEM program.

After you've installed your system, create or open a Proctor test, select "Window" > "Test Data", then drop down the "Test specification" box to find your new test specification.

Mississippi Department of Transportation
(MT-8 Cases 1 and 2, 2005 Revision)

MS DOT MT-8 (2005) PRSpec.GEZip

Oregon Department of Transportation
(AASHTO T 99 Method A With ODOT TM 223 Correction)

OR DOT AASHTO T99 Method A PRSpec.GeZip

To use this, select "AASHTO T 99-01 Method A, ODOT TM 223" as your test's specification after installing the file above.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
(PA DOT PTM-106 Methods A and B)


Virginia Test Method - 1 (March 1, 2001)

VTM-1 PRSpec.GEZip

Note: the "AASHTO T 99 Method A, Standard Virginia VTM-1 corr." test specification included with the software is for historical data only. That specification uses the old (1986) AASHTO oversize correction equation -- use this new specification instead and consider deleting the historical version.

If you don't find a file for the government agency you're working with, please use our support form to request it: We'll be happy to add to our list!