Determining the Proper Installation Location for .GeZip Files

Last Revised August 1, 2014

Background: GEOSYSTEM programs store most of their configuration information (i.e., program settings, LOGDRAFT report forms, etc.) in a single directory called the shareable config. file directory. If you download a file with a .GeZip extension from our web site, you will need to save it to this storage directory in order for it to be installed correctly.

  • To determine the proper storage directory, begin by determining the version of your GEOSYSTEM Data Manager application: start the software then select "Help" > "About this Program" and look for a version number.

Instructions for Data Manager version 5.x.x.x: Start the software, then select "Options" > "Setup General Options", then click on "Files" in the left-hand navigation panel. The path listed in the "Report, data entry form and shareable config files path" box is your shareable config. file directory.

Instructions for Data Manager version 2.1: The shareable config. file directory is the program's installation directory under Windows XP. Under Vista and Windows 7, the directory is