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GEOSYSTEM Software, Inc.
363 W. Drake #8
Fort Collins, CO 80526-2882  USA
P:+1 (970) 223-8788
F:+1 (970) 223-0668

A brief history

Michael W. Von Gunten, P.E., founded Poudre Programming -- soon to be renamed Von Gunten Engineering Software, Inc. (VES, Inc.) -- in 1984, with the goal of bringing his geotechnical minicomputer software experience to the new IBM PC. From our days writing software for MS-DOS 2.1, to the Windows 3.1 days, to the present, we have been focused on producing rigorously-tested, standards compliant software for reducing and reporting geotechnical and construction material test results. (Be sure to check out screenshots of some of our early programs, below.)

With over ten thousand Geosystem software products licensed over the last 35+ years, we have supplied software to many of the world's leading design, environmental, and geotechnical engineering firms.

Our Team

Michael Von Gunten stepped down as the head of the firm in 2017, leaving Erik R. Knowles (MCS) to front the company. Mr. Von Gunten remains as the company's Vice President, concrete software support specialist, and also provides essential consultancy on geotechnical engineering matters.

Our Software

The Geosystem product line includes software for geotechnical data reduction, boring log drafting, and cement products test reporting.

  • Many of our products have been in continuous production and development since the mid-80's.
  • Our programs and updates are thoroughly checked before release. As an example, before every patch release, LOGDRAFT, our boring log software, undergoes close to one hundred internal reliability checks, and automatically compares its own output against over 700 existing report samples to guard against newly-introduced reporting problems.
  • We also thoroughly document our laboratory test software's calculations so that they may be checked against the relevant ASTM and AASHTO standards. You can find this documentation linked from the each program's product page.

Our Licensing Advantage

  • We trust our customers. Our software requires no hardware lock, and does not "phone home" to report your usage.
  • We also don't bother our customers with complicated seat licensing arrangements. Every Geosystem product is site licensed, so your license fee gives you the right to install your software on as many computers as you need. Or, install the software on your local network and access it from any computer in your office.

Geosystem Screenshot Archive

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