Error Messages Received When Importing Data Acquisition Files into SHEAR

Problem: When importing a data acquisition file into the SHEAR program the importer displays an error message. Two such messages are: 1) "Error: 62 - Input past end of file Waypoint:0" and "Error: Wrong test type or unknown file format".

Explanation: The most likely cause of this error is that the file importer does not recognize the format of the file you're trying to import. (Data acquisition hardware manufacturers occasionally change the internal formatting of the data files that are written when acquiring data.)

Solution: Make sure your importer's up-to-date (start the software then click on the "Click here to check for updates" link on the opening screen). The update includes a current copy of the program's importer that may properly support your file format.

If the update doesn't correct the problem, please send us an e-mail:

  • In the e-mail body, please include the exact error message that you're receiving from the importer
  • And please remember to attach the file that you're trying to import to the e-mail.

Problem: Message: "The program encountered an error when trying to import your file" when importing a spreadsheet-based data acquisition file.

Solution: See this document.