Creating a Desktop Shortcut for GEOSYSTEM for Windows Software

This document provides instructions on creating a desktop shortcut for GEOSYSTEM programs: Although the program's installer offers to create a shortcut on the desktop of the installing computer, if the user declines the option, or runs the software from another computer (over a network), it may be desirable to manually create the shortcut.

  1. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the directory where the GEOSYSTEM program has been installed.
  2. Because you will be dragging a file from the Explorer to your desktop, if a portion of your desktop is not showing behind the Explorer panel, click on the Explorer panel's "un-maximize" button (this will be the middle button in the group shown at the top-right corner of the Explorer window).
  3. Select "View" > "Details"
  4. If you're creating a shortcut for the GEOSYSTEM lab. software, field density software or LOGDRAFT Boring Log package, locate a file with GDM in the Name column and Application in the Type column; if you're creating a shortcut for the Cement Products program, locate a file with CQC-CP in the Name column and Application in the Type column. Click on the file with your right mouse button then, while holding the button down, drag the mouse to your desktop.
  5. Release the right button while your mouse is over the desktop: this should display a menu with "Move Here", "Copy Here" and "Create Shortcut(s) Here" options. Select "Create Shortcut(s) Here".