Requesting Help in Modifying a LOGDRAFT Report Form

While providing written or telephone instructions on modifying or "fixing" LOGDRAFT report forms does not fall within the scope of our free technical support option, we're always willing to try helping with specific questions.

If your report form "suddenly started printing wrong", consider rolling back the most recent changes to the form: Preview a report on-screen, then select "Report" > "Change How This Form Looks" then, from the Report Form Editor, select "Report" > "Revert to Previous Version". The editor will list the times of recent form edits as well as who made the changes (if it's not you, you may want to track down the person who did make the changes before rolling back their edits): try rolling back any recent changes to see if doing so corrects your printouts.

Please note that we cannot provide written instructions on making extensive form modifications. The program's Customization Guide incorporates extensive tutorials on making common changes, but if you'd rather not spend the time looking through the Guide, we do offer a report form customization service. Fax (1 970-223-0668) or email ( a copy of your report form with the changes clearly marked, and we'll respond with a quote for the work involved.

If you have a problem while modifying a LOGDRAFT report form, please follow these steps to request help:

  1. Start an email to
  2. Describe the problem you're having. Be specific: as an example, instead of saying "I can't get the water symbol to print", say "I've tried to add a groundwater symbol on the right side of the stratigraphy column, and I've added a data entry field to enter the groundwater depth, but my symbol isn't showing up even though I've entered a depth. This lets us know: a) the exact change you tried to make, b) that you made a place on your data entry form for entering data to be used by the new symbol, and c) what's going wrong (it doesn't print).
  3. Attach the report form you're trying to modify. You'll find it in your program's sharable configuration file directory (to find that directory, start the software, select "Options" > "Setup General Options" then look at top-right box). The report form file will have the name you gave the form and have a .FDT extension (or LOGDRAFT Report Form File Type if you have the "Hide extensions of known file types" Explorer option selected.
    • If you're trying to change your current boring log form and you don't know its name, open a LOGDRAFT project, select "Print" > "Borings, Test Pits, Wells, etc.", then click on the "Report form" tab and make a note of the form highlighted.

  4. Also attach the data entry form you're using. You'll find it in the same folder, with a .LDT extension (or LOGDRAFT Data Entry Form File Type).
    • If you do not know which data entry form to send, open a LOGDRAFT project, preview a report using the form you're trying to change, then select "Report" > "Change How This Form Looks" then, from the report form editor, select "Report" > "Associated Data Entry Form" make a note of the form highlighted.