Isomorphic (Identical) Horizontal and Vertical Failure Envelope Chart Scales in SHEAR

Problem: The horizontal and vertical scales (stress/inch) on the failure envelope graph are not equal. This causes the circles to be ovals and prevents using a protractor to verify the friction angle.

Explanation: The scales are affected by 2 things - the inclusion of "Tested by" and "Checked by" at the bottom of the report and adjusting the margins.

Solution: To equalize scales and have "Tested by" and "Checked by" at the bottom of the report at the same time set the margins to: Left=1.4, Right=0.4, Top=0.4, Bottom=0.4. Other settings will work, but these will look nicely balanced. If you need the major grid lines to be exactly 1 inch, set the margins to Left=0.7, Right=0.45, Top=0.25, Bottom=0.25 and do not include "Tested by" and "Checked by" at the bottom of the report.

If you are wondering how to delete "Tested by" and "Checked by" from the bottom of the report, they are automatic. Do not enter values for them and they will not appear. Instead you can use the remarks area for "Tested by" and "Checked by".