How to Enter Data for a #200 Wash Test Without Entering Additional Sieve Test Data

Problem: How to enter data for a #200 wash test without entering any other sieve test data.

Solution: To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the post wash sample and tare weights into the box labeled If you washed the full sample over a #200 sieve, enter the post-wash weights here.
  2. After entering the post-wash weights, go down to the Test data grid. In the Dry Sample and Tare (grams) column of the first row on the grid, enter the weight of the original (pre-wash) sample, then in the Tare (grams) column enter the original sample's container weight.

That's it! After you enter the tare weight you should see a single point drawn in the particle size chart at the top of the screen.