Oversize Correction Missing from Reports

This document covers some reasons why users have been contacting us with questions regarding oversize correction data.

  • Are you using a standard which is configured not to display uncorrected data? Unless modified by the user, many of the AASHTO standard specifications as included with the software do not plot the uncorrected test results or curve.
    Refer to this page for instructions on changing your test specification to plot uncorrected data.
  • Are you entering bulk specific gravity and oversize moisture data? No oversize data=no correction.
    Note that, when using the ASTM D4718 correction, leaving the oversize moisture content blank does still result in a moisture correction; PROCTOR just assumes that your oversize moisture content is 0. This is likely not what you're looking for.
  • Are you entering a value for the percent larger than the oversize sieve? Make sure you've entered a number into the topmost prompt in the "Sieves" box on the "Sample Params." screen.
  • If you've selected the ASTM D4718 density correction, have you also selected the D4718 moisture correction? Although the software does not warn about this, it will not allow you to enter any correction data if you've set up a test specification which uses the D4718 density correction and does not use the D4718 moisture correction.
  • Are you sure that the program isn't performing the correction? If your sample has little oversize material, the corrected and uncorrected curves may be printing on top of each other. To check this, select "Window" > "Chart" then "Curve": if there's a menu option labeled "Shape Corrected Curve" then the program is performing a correction.