Adding Custom Colors to LOGDRAFT's Color Selection Boxes

LOGDRAFT allows users to specify the color of each soil symbol via its Legend feature. Users can add their own color selections by creating a text file in the program's installation folder.

To add custom colors you'll need to create a file in the program's installation folder. To do that you'll need to have the proper Windows security permissions.

  1. Start Windows Notepad (in Windows 10 you can enter notepad into the task bar search box to find the program).
  2. Enter the following two lines of text into the blank Notepad window:
  3. The next line that you enter will have the count of the number of custom colors you'll be using.
  4. Following the color count line enter your custom colors, one per line. Each line will consist RGB values specified by three decimal numbers, indicating the intensities of red, green and blue in the custom color, with 0 indicating no quantity of the respective color, and 255 indicating a maximum amount of that color. Here are some examples:
    255 0 0bright red
    0 128 0 medium bright green
    0 0 60 dim blue
    153 76 0 brown

    There are a number of websites that can help you with selecting the proper RGB values for your colors. Google RGB Color Picker, and make sure the tool you select provides RGB in decimal instead of hexadecimal format.

  5. When you're done entering your rows of colors, make sure the count of those rows equals the number you entered in step 3, then select "File" > "Save As".
  6. Navigate to the folder where you've installed your LOGDRAFT program.
  7. Change the "Save as type" box to read All Files. This step is important, as otherwise Notepad will add a ".TXT" extension to your filename.
  8. Enter a name for your custom color file. The name doesn't really matter -- you won't see it within LOGDRAFT -- but you must end it with .PAL, or LOGDRAFT won't recognize it as a color file.
  9. Click "Save" then exit Notepad.

For illustration, below is a sample .PAL file extracted from the default earthtones-new.pal file shipped with the software:
4 0 0
8 8 0
8 12 8
16 12 8
6 22 18
17 26 16
24 20 12