Moving a Geosystem Installation to a New Computer

Moving a locally-installed Geosystem installation to a new computer potentially involves three steps, detailed below:

Installing Your Geosystem Package

Two methods can be used for installing the software onto a new computer:

  1. Copy/Paste: Geosystem installs can be copied from their installation folder directly to a newly-created folder on a different computer, either by copying over a network, or by copying to/from a flash drive. Note that, if this method is used, you'll need to create your own shortcut on the new computer (shortcut to GDM.EXE for the soil test/boring log program, and to CQC-CP.EXE for the concrete break application).
  2. Fresh Install: You can install a fresh copy of your licensed software using our downloadable installer, which you can request from here.

Moving Settings (Specification Envelopes/Proctor Test Specifications) and Boring Log Forms

If you're using any of our soil test programs, and/or our boring log program (LOGDRAFT), and you aren't saving your settings/forms to a network share, you'll need to move those files over from your old computer. Please see this link for further instructions.

To move your QC-Concrete settings, see this support tip.

Moving Data

Once again, if you aren't saving your Geosystem data files to a shared folder, you'll need move those files over to your new machine.

  1. For instructions on moving your soil test and/or boring log files, see this link.
  2. To move a concrete break database, start the software on the old machine, select "Tools" > "Admistrator Tools", then make a note of the path shown in the "Database" box. Copy the file CQC-CP.MDB from that folder over to a folder on the new computer. Finally, start the software on your new computer, then select "Tools" > "Admistrator Tools" and change the database path to the folder to where you copied the CQC-CP.MDB file.