Problems with Swell/Consolidation Time-Rate Curves

Specific Time-Rate Curves Not Showing on Reports

There are two possible reasons why the time-rate curve is not included in hardcopy reports:

  1. You unchecked the Report box at the right of the specific time-rate curve.
  2. The program was unable to calculate a Cv value for the corresponding loading increment (increments without valid Cv results are not included on time-rate reports). If the Cv value shown in the time-rate curve display's status window reads n/a then the program could not calculate a valid Cv value -- this is usually due to a problem with the adjustment of the Cv construction lines.

Cv Value in the Time-Rate Curve Status Window Shows n/a

For some datasets, the profile of the time-rate curve, or the adjustment of the curve's Cv constructions, can result in a situation where the software cannot calculate a meaningful Cv value. Specific problems depend upon the curve type being plotted:

  • LOG(time) Curves: CONS calculates the D100 value as the dial reading at the intersection of the two construction lines. Next, D50 is calculated as (D100+D0)/2: if D50 falls before the first point on the curve, CONS can't calculate a Cv value.

    To check for this problem, calculate D50 based upon the D0 and D100 values shown in the log(time) window's calculation results panel, and match this against the dial reading at point 2 in the data entry window.
  • SQR(time) Curves: The usual reason why a Cv value isn't reported is because the program was not be able to calculate a valid T90 point - this point is the intersection of the curve and the rightmost of the two construction lines and is indicated by a green vertical line. If the vertical line is missing, then the rightmost construction line does not intersect with the curve. (In certain situations, this line falls to the left of the first curve point.) The solution is to adjust the construction lines until the vertical T90 indicator is displayed.