"The database is out of date" Error Message

This problem occurs with custom forms or with program updates. For each project that gives this error you will need to apply the new database structure. If you are using Crystal Reports reports, this must be done before you preview or print any reports.

  1. Back up all of your GEOSYSTEM projects, as a precaution against a failed database structure change.
  2. Open the Field Density module (CQC-FD) for the project.
  3. Click on Tools > Density Database Structure
  4. Click on Options > Enable Administrator Level Capabilities and enter OK as the PW.
  5. Click on Options > Impose Default structure. Click on Yes.

Repeat steps 2-5 for all current projects that are likely to be used in the future. Remember to do this if you ever open any projects that you do not update now.

See Section 6.5 of the CQC-FD User Manual for more information about imposing database structures. This is somewhat complicated so feel free to contact tech support if anything is unclear

Another document is also available to elaborate on updated custom forms - TIP_UPDATE_CQC-FD.PDF.