Reviewing Data from Multiple Borings

Did you know that you can view and modify a list of data entered in an entire project from one screen? With LOGDRAFT's "Project Browse" facility you can, for example, easily view the results of all of the grain size tests performed for a project.

To use the facility, open a project then select "Project" then "Browse..." -- this brings up a dialog where you tell the program what data are to be listed. If you've licensed any GEOSYSTEM lab. testing module, there will be several predefined lists of data to choose from (these are shown at the top-left of the dialog) -- try picking one. If you don't have any predefined lists, you can make one up: Highlight a data entry field in the "Available fields" box then click on the "V" button to select the field for browsing -- do this for several fields.

Clicking on "OK" shows any instances of the data that you selected, sorted by boring.