LOGDRAFT Prints Many More Pages Than Expected

Problem: When printing a boring log, LOGDRAFT prints many more pages than is expected.

Explanation: There's three common reasons for this:

  1. On your data entry screen, check the prompt that asks you for sampling lengths: if it says "Sample Length (ft. or m.)" and you're entering sampling lengths in inches or centimeters, you're going to get sampling lengths that are much longer than you would expect.
  2. Unless you've set up your Windows regional settings to treat a comma as a decimal point, LOGDRAFT interprets the "42,5" (that's the number 42, followed by a comma and the number 5) as 425 -- unfortunately, it's common to accidentally hit the comma key instead of the decimal key when typing numbers. Check the depths that you've entered -- make sure that you haven't entered a comma instead of a period, then do the same for your sampling lengths.
  3. Check the boring's groundwater depths: make sure you haven't entered a comma instead of a decimal point and make sure that the depth that you've entered is correct.