Why Doesn't the Program Report a Gravel Percentage?

Problem: The software does not report a gravel percentage.

Explanation: You had material left sitting on top of your largest sieve. The software cannot classify that material -- all it knows is that the material is larger than the largest sieve's opening diameter, so it could be gravel, cobbles, boulders, etc. Whenever this happens; i.e., whenever you have less than 100% passing your largest sieve, there's no way for the program (or a human engineer) to put an upper bounds on your material: the contents of the material retained on your largest sieve simply cannot be categorized.

Solution: The "proper" solution would be to re-run the test with a top sieve that's large enough that everything falls though — this way you can establish an upper bounds on your particle size. Alternatively, while we don't advise clients to estimate data, if you are certain that none of your material is larger than, for example, 3", you can enter a 3" sieve into the program that has 0 grams retained.