Damaged Data Manager/LOGDRAFT Data Files

If you receive a message stating that "Your data has been saved with the extension .$$$ -- call GEOSYSTEM for information" or "Your file has been saved as ..." or, you open a source folder to find that is blank or your folder name changes to "untitled", a number of suggestions are listed below. A note: if you're loosing data when trying to save to a network drive and don't want to follow the recommendations below, the only guaranteed solution is to save your data to a local drive.

  1. If you are running a virus scanner on your file server, turn off scanning of the directory where you're saving your GEOSYSTEM data files. Some scanners may try to look into files that your GEOSYSTEM package wants to modify, consequently preventing our software from getting its work done.
  2. If you are saving data to a Windows or Samba server, turn off opportunistic file locking. See this document for instructions.
  3. If you're saving data to a remote or cloud file server via VPN, STOP. VPN connections are not reliable enough to be used for data entry.
  4. If you are running version 5.x of the GEOSYSTEM Data Manager, turn on file write verification (start the software, select "Options" > "Setup General Options", click on "Files" in the left-hand navigation panel, then check the "Verify all project file writes". Note that selecting this option will slow down the file write process slightly.
  5. Save your data to a local drive.