Splitting GEOSYSTEM for Windows Projects

Last Revised March 6, 2012

This document provides instructions on splitting GEOSYSTEM for Windows project files (these are the files created to hold drilling log and laboratory testing data) into multiple files; i.e., moving two borings to a new project A, moving four source folders to a second new project B, etc. Note that these instructions require that the folders be moved to entirely new projects; to move source folders to an existing project, use the program's project merge facility ("Tools" > "Project Merge").

  1. The first step is to figure out which directory is being used to store your projects. If you don't know this, start your GEOSYSTEM package and look at the path listed with the projects shown in the recently-opened projects list. Make a note of this directory then close the program.
  2. Open Windows File Explorer then navigate to the directory which you noted from step 1.
  3. If you've found the correct directory you will find folders that have the names you've given to your projects, with a .GEO extension. (For example, if you've named your project BERTHOUD COUNTY LANDFILL then the directory will show a folder named BERTHOUD COUNTY LANDFILL.GEO). All of the "BERTHOUD COUNTY LANDFILL" project's files are in that folder.
  4. Right-click on the folder and select "Copy".
  5. Right-click anywhere else in the directory and select "Paste": you should have a new folder with the same name as your project, but ending in " - Copy".
  6. Right-click on the copy and select "Rename".
  7. Give the new folder whatever name you would like your second project to have: Note: whatever name you select, it must end in .GEO! So, if your second project is to be called Berthoud County Landfill SW Quarter Borings, you would rename Copy of Berthoud County Landfill.GEO to Berthoud County Landfill SW Quarter Borings.GEO.
  8. Open your GEOSYSTEM program and navigate to the directory where you're storing your projects: you should see both the original and the new project. (If you don't see the new project, go back to step 6.)
  9. In turn, open both projects to make sure they're still intact.
  10. Next remove the source folders from the original project which you want to have in the new project: Open the original project, click on a source folder which you want to have only in the new project and select Source > Delete. Do this for the other source folders which are no longer a part of the original project.

    Next, open the new project and do the same: click on a source folder which should only be a part of the original project and again select "Source" > "Delete".
  11. Note that both the original project and the copy get identical versions of the (no source) folder: since this folder is not deleteable, if you do not want this data to be a part of one project or the other, you will need to open it and remove individual data entry cards. (Click on the numbered tab on the side of the card and select "Edit" > "Cut Card".)

One note for LOGDRAFT users: both the original and the project copy will get identical versions of any profile annotations which have been added to the project.