Missing Sample Location on Soil Test Reports

Many users have asked the following question: "Why doesn't the sample number, depth or source print on my (GRN-SIZE, PROCTOR, LIMITS, CONS) report?"

The answer is: Since the reports don't have enough room to print both the sample location and the sample number and depth, etc.,  if you've entered a "Location" for the sample then the program assumes that the "Location" field COMPLETELY describes the sample's origin.  Hardcopy reports will always print "Location" if it is entered; "Sample No.", "Source", etc. will not print if "Location" entered.

As an aside, the inclusion of "Location" on version 1.0 Data Manager's Sample Data dialog is basically a design error — if you've placed the sample into a particular "material sources" folder, the "material source" is obviously the sample's location and the "Location" field is redundant.  Future versions of the software, now in development, will drop the "Location" field unless the sample was entered into the "No Source Specified" folder.

  • With the GDM version 1.0 you should not use the "Location" field unless the sample is entered into the "No Source Specified" folder. GDM versions 2 and 5 have an option to include "Location" ("Options" > "Setup General Options", then, with version 5, click on "Laboratory Test Modules" in the left-hand navigation panel) — this option should be turned off to avoid confusion.