Fines Reported Instead of Silt and Clay

Problem: Particle size test results report the percent of material smaller than sand as "Fines" instead of reporting it as distinct "Silt" and "Clay" divisions.

Explanation: There's three likely reasons why the program might report a Fines percentage instead of reporting "Silt" and "Clay" percentages:

You didn't run a hydrometer test

If you didn't run a hydrometer test, you likely ran your sieve test with #200 as the smallest sieve. That's the smallest sand particle size; the material falling through that sieve cannot be classified any further than simply "smaller than sand"; i.e., "fines". This does not reflect a program error — without further testing you have no way of determining what fraction of the material falling through the #200 sieve is silt and what fraction is clay, so the program simply lumps the #200 passing percentage as "Fines".

The hydrometer part of the test was not run long enough to get the percentage of particles smaller than .005

If you ran a hydrometer test, go to the hydrometer data screen: is your smallest particle size smaller than the 0.005 silt/clay division point? If it isn't, the program doesn't have enough data to separate the material smaller than the smallest particle size into distinct silt and clay portions.

The test's classification system doesn't divide fines into silt and clay

Open your grain size test, select "Window" > "Sample Info." then look at the "Classification system" field: Does it say USCS, lists fines instead of silts/clay? If so, change it to, e.g., USCS.