Printing Blow Counts such as 50/3" on Graphs

LOGDRAFT log forms can be configured to print blow counts that are "50+" or "50/3" as text next to the graph marker; to add this capability:

  1. Edit your report form ("Tools" > "Report Forms") then choose "Search" > "Find".
  2. Enter the word GRAPH into the "Search for" dialog.
  3. From the list of items presented, double-click on the entry that says "GRAPH OF NVALUE". (If you don't find this entry you won't be able to use the new option.)
  4. Click on the "Font & Text" tab (older LD4 packages may just have a "Font" tab) then check the "Print the text of any graph values that aren't strictly numbers" box.
  5. Close the dialog then select "Sections" > "Form Settings".
  6. Uncheck the "LOGDRAFT III compatible form" selection

Note that this option does not currently work with bargraphs.