Controlling Lab. and Boring Log Software Updates

Last Revised January 4, 2014

Problem: As-shipped, the GEOSYSTEM Data Manager program automatically checks for updates on a periodic basis. This update check can be problematic for IT departments seeking to control and document program patches.

Explanation: To avoid having the software download its own updates the software can be configured by the user to turn off update checking, but there is no in-program method for stopping the user from turning the update checks back on.

Solution: The solution involves three parts: 1) Installing the latest software updates (to take advantage of the newest administrative installation options), 2) preventing users from installing their own update, and 3) allowing IT to update the software as-needed.

To manually install the latest updates, run the software, click on the Click here to check for updates link on the opening screen, let the downloader check for updates, then, if updates were found, allow it to download them. After the downloader indicates that the update packages have been installed, exit and then restart the software.

To prevent the software from allowing users to install their own updates, load Windows Explorer, navigate to the program's installation directory and rename the file GEOUpdater.ovr as GEOUpdater_Admin.exe. (You'll likely need to turn off the Explorer Hide extensions for known file types option in order to be able to change the name.)

To install future updates, create a batch file that begins by changing to the drive and directory where the software's been installed, then:
start /w geoupdater_admin.exe
The batch file can be run on an as-needed basis or as a scheduled (e.g., biweekly or monthly) task. To save our servers from an excessive load, please do not check for updates more than once every two weeks.

If you would like to be notified via email when updates are posted, use our support request form to ask to be signed up for update notification. Notification emails also link to each program's revision list page, so you will be able to review the changes that have been made to the software since your last update.