Western Area Power Administration Boring Log Form

Click For a Sample .PDF


To use the form:

  1. Click on the above .GeZip download link.  Your browser will ask where you want to place the download: You need to save the .GeZip file to your log program's shareable config. file directory (click this link for help in finding the proper directory).
  2. Restart the boring log program to complete the installation.
  3. Next, start a new project.  Choose "Project" > "Default Data Entry Form" and select WAPA as your data entry form.
  4. When you're ready to print, press Ctrl-P (to show the report printing dialog), select the borings you're looking to print, then click on the "Report Forms" Print Settings tab and click on the WAPA report form.

NOTE: This form is designed for B-sized paper because the client that requested the form needed this paper size. If you need a letter-sized version, please check SAMPLE4: the WAPA form is almost a direct copy of the boring form shown in the US Dept. of Interior's Earth Manual and from which SAMPLE4 was copied.