Ohio Department of Transportation Boring Log Form (4/2010)

Click For a Sample .PDF

ODOT Log.GeZip

To use the form:

  1. Click on the above .GeZip download link.  Your browser will ask where you want to place the download: You need to save the .GeZip file to your log program's shareable config. file directory (click this link for help in finding the proper directory).
  2. Restart the boring log program to complete the installation.
  3. Next, start a new project.  Choose "Project" > "Default Data Entry Form" and select ODOT Standard Boring Log Form as your data entry form.
  4. Finally, select "Project" > "Create a Custom Legend for this Project". At the following dialog, click on "Copy another project's custom legend file, then click the "Next" button. When the program displays the project selection dialog, navigate to the directory where you originally saved your .GeZip file and select the "ODOT TestData" project. (This last step selects a set of stratigraphy patterns customized to the ODOT specifications.)
  5. When you're ready to print, press Ctrl-P (to show the report printing dialog), select the borings you're looking to print, then click on the "Report Forms" Print Settings tab and click on the ODOT Standard Boring Log Form report form.