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We sell programs and packages to reduce and report the data from all common geotechnical tests, cement products test reporting and statistical analysis, along with a boring log package that can be used as a standalone program or in concert with our laboratory test report programs.

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  • Boring, test pit and monitoring well installation logs, subsurface profiles and graphs, data summaries
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  • Software for Sieve, Hydrometer, Atterberg and Proctor Tests and Automatic Soil Classification
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Use the selectors below to check our support for common tests and standards:

Standards and report forms:


Compare Our Soils Test Packages

We sell software to reduce and report the data from many common geotechnical laboratory tests à la carte, but if you're running a full-service materials testing lab. you'll want to consider one of our soils testing packages:


  • Sieve tests
  • Hydrometer tests
  • Atterberg limits
  • USCS, AASHTO, USDA and Burmister soil classification
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  • Sieve tests
  • Hydrometer tests
  • Atterberg limits
  • Proctor (moisture-density) tests
  • USCS, AASHTO, USDA and Burmister soil classification
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Enterprise Suite

  • Sieve tests
  • Hydrometer tests
  • Atterberg limits
  • Proctor tests
  • Soil classification
  • Swell/Consolidation
  • Field Density
  • Triaxial, direct shear & unconfined compression
  • California Bearing Ratio
  • Resistance R-value
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Complete Product List

Subsurface Exploration Logging

    Boring and test pit logs, monitoring well installation logs, 2d cross-sections, tabular summary reports

Cement Products Software

  • QC-Concrete
    Reporting of cement compressive strength tests and flexural cement beam tests
  • QC-Statistics
    Complete statistical mix performance analysis following ACI 214, 301 and 308

Soils Testing Programs

  • Grain Size Distribution
    #200 wash, sieve and hydrometer test support per ASTM D422
    Triaxial shear, direct shear and unconfined compression tests
  • CONS
    Swell and consolidation tests with time-rate support (ASTM D2435 and D4546)
  • CBR
    California bearing ratio tests (ASTM D1883 and VTM-8)
  • R-Value
    Resistance R-value (ASTM D2844) with CT-301 test support
  • LBR
    FM 5-515 Limerock bearing ratio tests

Soils Testing Packages

  • CLSuite
    Sieve, hydrometer and Atterberg tests, soil classification
  • LabSuite
    CLSuite plus Proctor test support
  • Enterprise Suite
    Sieve, hydrometer, Atterberg, Proctor, triaxial and direct shear, unconfined compression, swell/consolidation, California bearing ratio, resistance R-value

Field Density Reporting

  • QC-Density
    Calculate and report field density test results

The Geosystem Advantage

No Per-Seat Licensing

Geosystem products are site licensed, so your license fee gives you the right to install the software on as many computers as you need. Or install the software on your local network and access it from any computer.

  • There are no license servers or hardware "dongles" to install, and your computers do not need Internet access to use the software.
  • Geosystem Software's unique site license also covers installation in temporary field offices and on employee laptops.

No Maintenance Fees

One upfront fee is all you'll pay. There are no ongoing fees required for:

  • Perpetual usage
  • Updates
  • Technical and installation support
  • Replacement installation downloads

Your only future payments would be for upgrades as we release new versions. And upgrades are always optional. (Support is not provided for outdated program versions.)