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We sell programs and packages to reduce and report the data from all common geotechnical tests, cement products test reporting and statistical analysis, along with a boring log package that can be used as a standalone program or in concert with our laboratory test report programs.

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  • Boring, test pit and monitoring well installation logs, subsurface profiles and graphs, data summaries
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  • Software for Sieve, Hydrometer, Atterberg and Proctor Tests and Automatic Soil Classification
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Standards and report forms:


Compare Our Soils Test Packages

We sell software to reduce and report the data from many common geotechnical laboratory tests à la carte, but if you're running a full-service materials testing lab. you'll want to consider one of our soils testing packages:


  • Sieve tests
  • Hydrometer tests
  • Atterberg limits
  • USCS, AASHTO, USDA and Burmister soil classification
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  • Sieve tests
  • Hydrometer tests
  • Atterberg limits
  • Proctor (moisture-density) tests
  • USCS, AASHTO, USDA and Burmister soil classification
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Enterprise Suite

  • Sieve tests
  • Hydrometer tests
  • Atterberg limits
  • Proctor tests
  • Soil classification
  • Swell/Consolidation
  • Field Density
  • Triaxial, direct shear & unconfined compression
  • California Bearing Ratio
  • Resistance R-value
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Complete Product List

Subsurface Exploration Logging

    Boring and test pit logs, monitoring well installation logs, 2d cross-sections, tabular summary reports

Cement Products Software

  • QC-Concrete
    Reporting of cement compressive strength tests and flexural cement beam tests
  • QC-Statistics
    Complete statistical mix performance analysis following ACI 214, 301 and 308

Soils Testing Programs

  • Grain Size Distribution
    #200 wash, sieve and hydrometer test support per ASTM D422
    Triaxial shear, direct shear and unconfined compression tests
  • CONS
    Swell and consolidation tests with time-rate support (ASTM D2435 and D4546)
  • CBR
    California bearing ratio tests (ASTM D1883 and VTM-8)
  • R-Value
    Resistance R-value (ASTM D2844) with CT-301 test support
  • LBR
    FM 5-515 Limerock bearing ratio tests

Soils Testing Packages

  • CLSuite
    Sieve, hydrometer and Atterberg tests, soil classification
  • LabSuite
    CLSuite plus Proctor test support
  • Enterprise Suite
    Sieve, hydrometer, Atterberg, Proctor, triaxial and direct shear, unconfined compression, swell/consolidation, California bearing ratio, resistance R-value

Field Density Reporting

  • QC-Density
    Calculate and report field density test results