CONS Version 4
Time-Rate • Swell • Consolidation Tests

  • ASTM D2435
  • ASTM D4536
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This program reduces and reports the data from one-dimensional consolidation or swell tests (ASTM D2435 and D4546, Methods B and C). The software features full reduction of time-consolidation data, including both square root and log of time methods. Coefficient of primary and secondary consolidation, void ratios, compression and recompression indices, preconsolidation and swell pressures, T0, T50, T90 and T100, and swell/collapse percentages are calculated and reported.


  • Real-time adjustment of both time-rate (Cv) and compression curve (Pp and Cc) construction lines
  • Supports US and SI units, automatically converting as needed
  • Supports water-added (swell) tests
  • Unlimited number of unload/reload cycles
  • User-created deflection database allows the software to accommodate for loading frame deflection
  • Imports files created by software from most common data acquisition manufacturers
  • The software features both submittal-quality compression and time-rate chart reports and textural reports listing raw testing data.
  • Multiple time-rate and compression curve report chart report formats are available. (Click here for .PDF samples.)
  • Reports can be exported to .PDF files
  • Raw testing data can be exported to XML files which can be imported into Excel
  • Calculated results are available for inclusion on LOGDRAFT boring log reports.

CONS is site licensed. One license fee covers unlimited installations at a single address and there are no ongoing maintenance costs.

Calculated Results

CcCompression index
PcPreconsolidation pressure
OCROverconsolidation ratio
CrRecompression index
CsSwell index
E0Initial void ratio
EMVoid ratio at maximum past effective stress
EOVoid ratio at overburden pressure
EFVoid ratio at test termination
εsSwell percentage
 Heave percentage
 Swell pressure (pressure required to return the sample to its pre-wetting height)
γUnit weight (density)
MCi, MCfNatural and post-test moisture content
Si, SfInitial and final saturation
δHn, en and εnPer-loading increment deformation, void ratio and percent strain
CvPer-loading increment coefficient of consolidation
CαCoefficient of secondary consolidation

New Features in Version 4

Multiple data acquisition files can be imported with a single action

Many data acquisition devices create a file for each loading increment performed. CONS version 1.x forced a time-consuming "Import file", "select append", "select file to import", "select loading pressure sequence" procedure for every loading increment. Version 4 allows an entire test's worth of loading increment files to be imported at once.

Reports can be exported in Adobe .PDF, .PNG and .EMF formats

You no longer need a third-party .PDF printer driver to create file copies of your swell/consolidation reports. The software can even create a .PDF report automatically and keep it update as you revise your data.

Compatibility with 64-bit Windows versions

The new version runs on both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Loading increments are not confined to a single time-rate method

Both log10(time) and time results can be reported for any given loading increment.

Easier construction line adjustment

Construction lines can now be dragged with the mouse.

What Hasn't Changed

You can still open any file created with earlier Windows CONS versions.