Importing Data Acquisition Files into Geosystem Programs

Geosystem programs do not interface directly with data acquistion devices. Several programs can, however, import data files created data acquisition software. The following table summarizes Geosystem programs' support for various data acquisition models. We also provide custom importers for customers with in-house or off-brand data acquisition systems. To request a cost estimate for having us write a custom importer, please use this form: in the Question field indicate that you are interested in importing data acquisition files.

Axial & Direct Shear
Model Notes
Durham Geo Support included for unconfined, direct shear and triaxial tests except EZ-DAQ.
Geocomp Lab Systems Beta-test quality support for importing direct shear and triaxial test data is available. Contact GEOSYSTEM Software to obtain the importers.
GEOMATIC Direct shear tests only
GeoTAC Included support for unconfined compression, direct shear and triaxial tests. GeoTAC's new TruePath system is also supported..
GEOTEST Support included for unconfined, direct shear and triaxial tests.
Humboldt Support included for unconfined, direct shear and triaxial tests except direct shear spreadsheet import.
Humboldt Minilogger Support included for unconfined, direct shear and triaxial tests.
Karol-Warner Direct shear support available on application. Contact GEOSYSTEM Software to obtain the importer.
Model Notes
Durham Geo Slope Support is pending. Contact GEOSYSTEM Software for details.
ELE-Soiltest Full support
Geocomp Lab Systems Full support
GeoTAC Full support
GEOTEST Full support
Hogentogler GeoStar® Full support
Humboldt Full support

QC-Concrete (Quality Control for Concrete)
Model Notes
Admet Three different file formats are supported
Advanced Machine Technology D 16 Files with data like:
" " " " " " " " "Area" "Pk Load" "Pk Stress"
" " "DATE" "TIME" "SP ID#" "(sq in)" "(Lb)" "(psi)"
1 "3/17/03" "08:27:05" 03001E 28.274 105370 3727
2 "3/17/03" "08:29:50" 03001F 28.274 105170 3720...
Forney .CSV files with data like:
Test Results,,,,
TestMark .CSV files with data like:
0: Cylinder
1: Cube
2: Beam Center Point Loading
3: Beam 3rd Point Loading
4: Round
5: Flat
6: Area...
ELE "Touch" .CSV files with data like
Date,Time,Ref,Mode,Flex,s/n,Group,Units,Peak Load,Peak Stress,Pace Rate,Shape,Dim 1,Dim 2,Dim 3,W Air,W Water,Density,Separation,Load FSD,Time FSD,Hware,Fware
11-14-12,11:00,C169,1,0,,LP306,1,197.257,24.330,2.4020,1,203.200,101.600,0.000,0.000,0.000, 0.000,0.000,2000.00,832.626,0,ADR Touch US 16-March-2012,1...
11-14-12,13:36pm,C170,1,0,,LP306,1,197.258,24.330,2.4020,1,203.200,101.600,0.000,0.000,0.000, 0.000,0.000,2000.00,832.639,0,ADR Touch US 13-Nov-2012,1...

Please contact us for a quote on the license cost for these importers.

Model Notes
Durham Geo Slope In addition to our stock Durham Geo Slope importer we can, for a very small charge (typically $100) support importing from files created by custom data acquisition hardware such as LabView.