Quality Control-Concrete VERSION 2 UPDATES

Latest QC-Concrete Version 2 Update: Version: 2.3.188 posted 1/15/2024


Version 2.2.235 involves a database update. If your current version is older than that please back up your entire QC-Concrete folder in addition to the database before updating. A suggested way to do this is at the bottom of this page..

Update Directions:

Before downloading, check the version of QC-Concrete you are using, in Help, About QC-Concrete. If it is a higher or equal version number, you're in good shape, don't download! Before running this update, take the precaution to back up your CQC-CP.MDB database file. Then do the following:

  1. Click on the DOWNLOAD link below, and save the file in your QC-Concrete folder or your desktop, do not change the name, it must be QCCupdate.exe.
  2. If you have not already done so, take the precaution to back up your database.
  3. Make sure there are no users logged in to QC-Concrete. Check Administrator Tools to be sure.
  5. Navigate to your QC-Concrete program folder or desktop and run UPDATE.
  6. It will ask you to "Choose Destination Location", again, select the QC-Concrete folder. If you don't know where you QC-Concrete program folder is check Help-About. The folder is listed as the "Path".
  7. If the "Install Screen Layouts" dialog appears, continue past it.
  8. Click on "Finish" when the "Installation Complete" dialog is displayed.
  9. Important: Repeat this on all PC's which have a copy of the program installed before running it again on any of them.

The first time you run QC-Concrete after updating, a database structure modification may automatically be performed. If that occurs, restart QC-Concrete again as instructed.

NOTE: This will not update Version 1 to Version 2. This is only for licensees of Version 2.

* Download QCCUpdate for QC-Concrete version 2 now *


Files in the Update Program:

  • CQC-CP.OVR - program overlay
  • CQC-CP.EXE - program pre-loader
  • CQC-CP.HLP - program help file
  • CP-DEF.INI - new program settings file
  • FIELDDAT.TXT - database field data table definition file
  • PROJDAT.TXT - database project table definition file
  • MIXDAT.TXT - database mix table definition file
  • BREAKDAT.TXT - database break table definition file
  • LAYOUTS.TXT - layout definition file
    BASIC9.CRP, BASIC10.CRP, BASIC11.CRP - updated report forms
  • BASIC13.CLY, BASIC13.CRP, LH-UL-13.CLY, LH-UL-13.CRP - new soil cement (ASTM D 4832) form
  • BASIC8.CLY and BASIC8.CRP - variation of the Grout Prism form without the notes section
  • BRKLIST8.BRP through BRKLIST13.BRP and BRKLIST15.BRP - new break list report forms
  • SUMMARY2.SRP, SUMMARY6.SRP through SUMMARY35.SRP - new and updated summary and billing forms
  • MIX1.MRP, MIX2.MRP- new mix report forms
  • PMIX1.XRP - new project mix report form
  • PROJECT4.PRP, PROJECT5.PRP - new project report forms
  • VSPDF8.OCX, VSPRINT8.OCX - updated controls
  • BREAKS1.WMF - ASTM C 39-04 break diagram - official name
  • BREAKS1_NEW.WMF - ASTM C 39-04 break diagram - standby name
  • BREAKS1_OLD.WMF - previous ASTM C 39 break diagram - standby name

See this for a list of version 2 program revisions.

Updated user manual for QC-Concrete version 2:
CQC-CP.PDF   2674 Kb   Last updated 25.Jan.2007, Requires Acrobat Reader

Save into your QC-Concrete version 2 program folder. Since it is a PDF, your browser may want to just open it with Acrobat Reader; to avoid that, right click on the link, then select "Save link as...".

Revised pages are marked with the date of revision at the bottom. You can print revised pages to update your hardcopy manual. Note that the Table of Contents and Index are not marked with revision dates. Assume they have changed and update your hardcopy manual with them.

Tech note: One possible way to back up the QC-Concrete folder before updating:

  1. Use Windows Explorer to create a new, empty folder named QC-C-Backup
  2. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the QC-Concrete folder
  3. Select all the files
  4. Copy all of the files
  5. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to QC-C-PBackup
  6. Paste all of the files

If you need help, your corporate system administrator is your best resouce. If that is not an option call us.