Quality Control - Concrete
Concrete • Mortar • Grout • Block • Cylinders • Beams • Cubes • Prisms • Cores

Cement Products Test Reporting

  • Cast and Cored Cylinders
  • Cast and Sawed Beams
  • Mortar Cubes & Cylinders
  • Grout Cubes, Prisms & Cylinders
  • Masonry Block and Block Prisms
  • Soil Cement & Shotcrete
  • Splitting Tensile Strength

ASTM C31, C39, C42, C78, C109, C140, C293, C496, C780, C942, C1019, C1116, C1107, C1314 and C4832
AASHTO T22, T23, T24, T97, T106, and T177
CCRL compliant reporting

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The GEOSYSTEM Quality Control - Concrete (QC-Concrete) program maintains strength and property testing data on cement products, including concrete cylinders and beams, and mortar and grout cubes. It delivers client submittal and in-house tracking reports and lets you print lists of all specimens to be broken on a given day. Reports comply with all applicable ASTM and AASHTO reporting requirements.

  • Supported tests: Cylinders, center point beams, third point beams, cores, mortar cubes, grout cubes, prisms and cylinders, sawed beams, mortar cubes and cylinders, masonry block, and masonry block prism
  • The program can calculate area, strength, percent of required strength, and other specimen parameters
  • Files can be imported from Forney, TestMark, ELE, Admet and AMTD break machines
  • In addition to daily break reports, the software generates lists of samples to be tested on a given day and historical summaries of tests performed on a per-project or per-mix basis, as well as mailing labels
  • All reports can be be exported as .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files
  • More than 50 configuration options allow you set the program up to work the way you do
  • Tab-delimited test data files can be exported for further analysis in spreadsheets (sample)

QC-Concrete is site licensed. One license fee covers unlimited installations at a single address and there are no ongoing maintenance costs.

Data Entry

  • Test results are entered on a report by report basis, with each report listing the testing results for up to 12 specimens
  • Each sample type (cylinder, prism, beam, etc.) has its own data entry form
  • Failing tests can be flagged during data entry
  • Break list test data screen simplifies entry of data recorded on one of the program's "tests to run today" sheets
  • The software can also import data directly from files created by many different data acquisition systems.

Efficient, convenient data entry of field tests is done on the QC-Concrete main screen, which appears when the program starts. The screen displays a single test, selected using drop down lists of projects and report numbers at the top section of the screen.

Typical Data Entry Screen, Varies with Test Type and User Preferences

Entering Information About the Test

  • Pick the type of test from a drop down list
  • Field data screen may be single or double column (middle section)
  • Pick fonts and colors of your own choosing
  • Scroll through previously entered data at any data entry prompt
  • Pick from lists of frequently used data at any data entry prompt
  • Checkboxes (custom reports) can show Yes/No or Pass/Fail type of data

Entering Information About the Specimen

  • Specimen data entry is done in a grid style table
  • Order of columns can be changed
  • Calculates results as you go
  • Failing tests can be shown in red
  • Specimens not broken on scheduled data can be shown in yellow
  • Pick fonts of your own choosing
  • Pick from list of user defined notes for each specimen (custom)
  • Checkboxes (custom reports) can show Yes/No or Pass/Fail type of data

Break List Data Entry

QC-Concrete gives you a quick and easy way to enter a day's break results. The Break List Data Entry screen lists the specimens scheduled to be broken on a given day, in the same order as they are printed on a QC-Concrete break list.

Entering Test Results From a Break List

  • Default dimensions and notes are automatically inserted to save time
  • Enter loads alone or with dimensions and notes
  • Prior results are displayed

Test Result Reporting

  • Exceeds ASTM C39 reporting requirements for cast cylinders, C42 for cored and sawed specimens, C78 and C293 for beams, C109 for mortar cubes, C1019 for grout prisms, C942 for grout cubes, C496 for tensile strength, C780 for mortar cylinders, C1314 for masonry block prisms, C140 for masonry block, D4832 for soil cement and C1116 for shotcrete
  • Report formats are specialized for each test type (see examples below)
  • On-screen previews of reports
  • Can print copies of reports for each name on the distribution list, with addresses for use with window envelopes
  • The software can be configured to print mailing labels
  • US input, Metric output option

Report Formats

QC-Concrete ships with report forms specifically designed for all common cement products tests, including variants that reserve form space for letterhead printing. We also offer a fee-based report customization service for licensees with specific reporting requirements.

Test Summary Reports

Testing summary reports list all specimens broken based on user specified selection criteria. (These reports are useful for invoicing or project summary purposes.) Many summary report formats are included with the standard package, and custom reports may be designed.

Summary Data Selection
  • Specify range of test Slump, Air Content, Concrete Temperature, Air Temperature, Unit Weight, Time In Mixer, Water Added, Sampled By, Number of Specimens
  • Specify range of specimen Weight, Strength, Percent of Required, Fracture Type, Tested By, Dim 1, std. dia./wid./side 1, Dim 2, std. depth/side 2, Dim 3, std. span, Area/Exception
  • A variety of stock test summary report formats are included
  • Restrict to specific ages
  • List only certain projects
  • Include only specimens for a specific mix
  • Limit to a range of sample or placement dates
Summary Report Samples
Summary Report Samples

Break List Reports

If samples are entered into the system as they are received, along with their test age, the software can generate a daily report of samples to be tested. Printed reports can be used as a lab. data sheet.

Break List Samples
Break List Report Samples

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