Moisture-Density (Proctor) Test Reporting

  • ASTM D698
  • ASTM D1557
  • ASTM D4718
  • AASHTO T 99
  • AASHTO T 180
  • AASHTO T 224
  • California Test 216
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Proctor reduces and reports data from moisture-density (compaction) tests. The software's calculations are compliant with ASTM D698, ASTM D1557 and ASTM D4718 standards, AASHTO T 99, AASHTO T 180 and T 224 and California Test Method 216. Features include one-point test curve matching (including some support for AASHTO T 272), a table of user defined test specifications, rock correction options and an interface to the GEOSYSTEM Quality Control for Density Test module

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Proctor Test Features

Proctor Report Samples (1 of 12)
Proctor Report Samples
  • Moisture-density test standards: ASTM D698 • ASTM D1557 • ASTM D4718 • AASHTO T 99 • AASHTO T 180 • AASHTO T 224 • California Test Method 216 • User-Defined + State DOT Standards
  • Optimum moisture and maximum dry density results are automatically calculated from the mathematically-modeled moisture vs. density curve
  • Results can be automatically corrected for the presence of oversize (rock) material
  • Oversize correction supports the coarse/fine mass ratio oversize percentage determination per D4718
  • User-defined test specification table allows you to add support for DOT-specific blows/layers/mold diameter requirements
  • When matched with curves form multi-point tests on similar soils, moisture-density curves may be synthesized from one-point Proctor tests
  • Container weight database: The software can be set up to keep a list of IDs and weights for moisture content containers
  • Selectively omit compaction test points from the moisture-density curve
  • Moisture-density test results rounding are selectable on a per-test specification basis (e.g., ASTM D 698 requires rounding the maximum dry density and optimum moisture content to the nearest 0.1, while D 1557 requires rounding to the nearest 0.5)
  • Selectable chart scales

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