Changing the Organization Name Printed on Hardcopy Reports

Unlike our competitors, GEOSYSTEM Software does not copy protect our programs: we don't require hardware locks, license servers, or keyed CDs. This is a distinct advantage for our customers: a single copy of our software may be used on as many computers as necessary, as long as they're all located at a single physical site. Our only concession towards controlling how far that license extends (i.e., cutting down on piracy) is to code the name of the purchasing organization into the software at the time it is licensed: the hard-coded organization name is printed on all reports generated by the software. There is no means provided for end-users to change this.

Since companies do occasionally change names, we can supply updated copies of the program's license files:

  • If the name change is requested within one year of licensing, there is no cost for the change, unless a logo is involved. (If you need to change to a new logo, please refer to the linked document.)
  • If you need to alternate between two names (perhaps you are working on a joint project with another company and you want tests performed for that project to report with a different organization name), we can supply you with a new license that allows you to select between two names.

To request a name change please provide the exact way your company name is to be printed using our support form.