Problems Opening Proctor, Grain Size or CONS Test Files Created on Different Computers

Last Revised May 20, 2011

Problem: When opening a project on a computer other than the one originally used to enter the project's data, you see a dialog titled "Missing test specification", or a message saying "The consolidometer data associated with this test have changed" or "The deflection table associated with this test has been changed", or "WARNING. The deflection table selected for use with this test no longer exists", or your grain size specification envelope is reset to "(no specification envelope)".

Explanation: By default, LabSuite, CLSuite, Proctor, GrainSize and CONS all store their configuration data, which are data files that hold user-configurable information such as Proctor test specifications, grain size specification envelopes and CONS machine deflection tables, in a directory on the local computer. Because of this, modifications to these files (e.g., definining a new Proctor test specification, machine deflection table or specification envelopes) are only available on a single computer -- when test data files are accessed on other computers, these modifications are not available and the program complains.

Solution: Two options are available, depending upon which version of the GEOSYSTEM Data Manager package it is that you're running.

To find your program version, start the software and select "Help" > "About This Program": If the next dialog starts out "GEOSYSTEM v. 2.1", you're running GDM 2.1; otherwise, you're running version 5.

Data Manager Version 5

You want to set up a network share folder (fully accessible to all users) can be used to hold these settings. After you've set up the share, you need to tell the program to put its files there:

  1. Start the software on the computer that has most often been used to enter test data (because the program will copy that computer's configuration files to the new share folder), then select "Options" > "Setup General Options", then click on "Files" in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Enter the network share path in the "Report, data entry form and shareable config files path" box.
    • If you've set up the program so that multiple users are running a single copy of the software, you can make this setting stick for all users by clicking the "Apply this path selection to all program users" box; otherwise, you need to make this change on each computer running the program (using the login account that the actual program user runs from).

Data Manager Version 2.1

With this outdated software package you'll need to move the entire program to a network share and set each individual computer's program shortcut to start from the copy of the software on your network share. (You can move the program by simply copying its installation folder, along with all subdirectories underneath, from pre-existing installation.)