About Us

We produce software for plotting boring log, monitoring well installation and test pit logs, for reducing and reporting results from common geotechnical tests and for storage , reporting and analysis of concrete and cement products strength test results.


GEOSYSTEM programs are designed to support current ASTM, AASHTO, ACI and state DOT standards. Check the list below to see if we have a program to fit your requirements:

Wide-Ranging Test Support

If you're testing soils, aggregate or cement products, or you're doing subsurface exploration, we have a package to report your data:

GEOSYSTEM screenshots

Consolidation and Triax/Direct Shear/Unconfined Compression Data Sheets

Lab. data sheets for swell/consolidation and triax/direct shear/unconfined compression tests have been posted here and here.

AASHTO T 311 Support Added

The latest patch for LabSuite5, CLSuite5 and GrainSize 5 adds support for AASHTO T 311, the granular soil materials sieve test specification. Update your version 5 software by clicking on the "Click here to check for updates" link on the program's opening screen.

Don't have version 5? Contact our sales line at +1 970 223-8788, Option 1 for upgrading information.

Karol-Warner® Import Now Available for LabSuite5+CBR Licensees

We've just added support for importing California bearing ratio data files written by Karol-Warner's data acquisition equipment. This feature is exclusively available to licensees who have LabSuite or CLSuite version 5 with the added CBR package.

To install the new importer, click on the "Click here to check for updates" link on your program's opening screen. After your updates have been downloaded, restart the software, select "Help" > "About This Program" and make sure your CBR version is

Downloadable D6913 and D7928 Data Sheets

We've posted new D6913 (sieve) and D7928 (hydrometer) data entry sheets for Grain Size, Classification Suite and LabSuite version 5 users. Feel free to print off as many copies as you need!

AASHTO T 99-21 and T 180-21 are Now Available in LabSuite5

Our latest patch for LabSuite5 will automatically add support for the 2021 versions of AASHTO T 99 and T 180. After the update's been installed, you should see AASHTO T 99-21 Methods A-D, and AASHTO T 180-21 Methods A-C in your Proctor Test specification box.

The Geosystem Advantage

No Per-Seat Licensing

Geosystem products are site licensed, so your license fee gives you the right to install the software on as many computers as you need. Or install the software on your local network and access it from any computer.

  • There are no license servers or hardware "dongles" to install, and your computers do not need Internet access to use the software.
  • Geosystem Software's unique site license also covers installation in temporary field offices and on employee laptops.

No Maintenance Fees

One upfront fee is all you'll pay. There are no ongoing fees required for:

  • Perpetual usage
  • Updates
  • Technical and installation support
  • Replacement installation downloads

Your only future payments would be for upgrades as we release new versions. And upgrades are always optional. (Support is not provided for outdated program versions.)


“Our company has been using GEOSYSTEM Software products since 1996 beginning with the DOS version of LD for borings. When we were looking for a highly customizable software for our concrete testing and reporting, we considered GEOSYSTEM Software because of their excellent customer service. We’ve had great success with the concrete program since then and continue to receive excellent customer service, both from a technical standpoint and also when we need custom forms or other items. Their knowledge, help & input have been invaluable. Reasonable software pricing and outstanding customer support!”.

- Bob,
Flood Testing Laboratories, Chicago

“We've been using Geosystem Software for our offices since 2001. It has helped to put all of our offices onto the same platform for our lab software, and allows for inter-office work to be completed much faster and more efficiently. Any support issue we’ve ever had has been addressed quickly and very professionally. They truly value their customer relationships.”

- Paul,
NOVA, Kennesaw

“We have used other laboratory plotting software but we prefer the reports in GEOSYSTEM. The reports are orderly and include the essential information.”

- Jason,
EBA Engineering, Baltimore

“We have been using GEOSYSTEM programs for the past 18 years. We have used other geotechnical programs but GEOSYSTEM programs are very easy to use while accurate. Their personnel are knowledgeable and in some cases they have modified their programs to fit our needs.”

- Hamid,
Allender Butzke Engineers, Urbandale

“We have been using GEOSYSTEM since 2008. I asked my lab manager Johnny if he could recommend the system to others: "Yes, it has helped me a lot." Coming from Johnny, that is high praise! We and our clients like the clean look of the reports, which make the information understandable.”

- Steve,
Vertical V-Southeast, Miami

“Just a note of thanks concerning your software shear program. I recently did some shear testing for NASA (yes the space people) and needed to report the data metrically. Your program was wonderful, since I could input in grams, inches and psi and out-put in metric values, the way they requested. I know you often hear if something doesnÂ’t work the way we would like, so you should also hear when all is GOOD. We use it in all three of our offices and the engineers love it since they can view the results before they are printed out final.”

- John,
BBC&M, Dublin (Ohio)