Using a Filter

Once you've chosen a group of sources to print you can further refine your choice by using the Report Settings Filter box: Typing an equation into the box causes LOGDRAFT to evaluate that equation for each source it tries to print: if the result is 0 or false then the source won't be printed.

This page provides a comprehensive treatment of the LOGDRAFT math functions you'll need to specify complex filters.

Here are some sample filters:

DRILLER="Keystone Drilling"only prints borings that were made by Keystone Drilling
WDEPTH1<10 only prints borings where the groundwater was closer
than 10 feet (or meters) to the surface. Borings where
no groundwater was encountered will not be printed
DRILL_RIG="Hand Auger"only reports sources which were explored with a
hand auger
DATE(BDATE)>DATE("03/01/09")prints borings started after March 1, 2009 (this could
also mean "print borings started after January 3, 1999",
depending upon the Date setting in your
Windows Control Panel)

Sample Filters