Types of Profiles

The type of profile that LOGDRAFT generates depends upon how much information is available when the profile is printed. Given enough information LOGDRAFT will produce a profile showing borings spaced horizontally across the page proportional to the physical distance between the actual borings and placed vertically relative to their actual elevation -- you can see an example of this is the type of profile in this figure. To produce this type of profile you must supply the program with the elevation of each boring as well as the plan location of the boring. (The program's requirements for the plan location are discussed in this section.)

If you don't have all that information, LOGDRAFT will use what you do have: For instance, if you haven't taken elevation data, LOGDRAFT will place each boring in a straight line across the page:

Profile Scaled By Depth and Horizontal Coordinates

If you don't have either elevations or plan locations, LOGDRAFT produces a profile with borings evenly-spaced horizontally across the page and starting at the same vertical location:

Profile with Evenly-Spaced Borings