The MISC Legend Table

If you add a new symbol to a report form, chances are the first time you print a report using the form the accompanying legend printout will show the new symbol with the words "Description not given for...". To fix this, you need to add the symbol to the MISC legend file list, which holds descriptions for the miscellaneous symbols that may appear on a boring log, such as the groundwater symbols, the markers used on graphs and the drilling rejection symbol.

To add a miscellaneous symbol to a legend file:

  1. Open the project's legend file.
  2. Click on "MISC" in the list shown on the left side of the screen.
  3. Locate a blank card then click on the button to the right of the Symbol(s) field for that card.
  4. From the symbol selection dialog, click on the symbol that you need to add.
  5. Press Tab then enter a description for that symbol. Alternatively, you can leave the description field blank -- this omits the symbol from all printed legends.