The Line Styles Legend Table

LOGDRAFT supports three basic line styles: solid, dotted and dashed. If, for example, you are using different line styles to denote different types of stratigraphy transitions (solid for sudden transitions, dotted for gradual), you may want to include key to line types on your legend. this figure demonstrates what an example line types legend looks like when printed.

Sample Line Types Legend Section

To include a line types key on legends:

  1. Open the project's legend file.
  2. Choose Legend > Add a New Legend Table.
  3. From the New Legend Table dialog, click on "Descriptions of various line types" then click on OK.
  4. For each line type that you want to describe, find a blank card, click on the button shown next to the Item field on the card then choose a line type from the selection dialog.
  5. Next, enter a description for the line type.