The Data Entry and Report Printing Process

When you're entering your data, LOGDRAFT looks to a file called a data entry form to determine the prompts and data entry fields you should be presented with. Each project file has at least one data entry form that is automatically associated with it: When you begin entering data into a project, LOGDRAFT looks to see what data entry form has been associated with the project, then shows the data entry prompts defined by that data entry form. Projects can use multiple data entry forms so you can, for example, have a data entry form for entering monitoring well data, another for entering borehole data and a third for entering the coordinates of a survey point. For example, the following project uses two data entry forms: one called "BORELOG" that's used with the borings and monitoring wells stored in the project, and a second called "SURVEY" that's used to enter the data for "Base Point".

Use of Data Entry Forms in a Sample Project

Once you've entered your data you're ready to print it -- for this, the program uses another type of file called a report form. Report form files tell the program about the general layout of the report you will be printing: LOGDRAFT adds your data to them to produce a finished report.