Sorting the Source List

As you add new borings to your project LOGDRAFT does not automatically sort the list of sources. Since the ordering of the source list affects a) the order in which borings are placed on profiles that don't use coordinates (see this section) and b) the order in which sources are printed on a multi-source data summary (see this page) you'll want to occasionally sort the list.

To sort a project's list of sources in source name order:

  1. Source names are boring names, test pit names, etc. (see this section for a discussion of where the program gets these names) -- to sort the names in increasing order choose Project > Sort On > Source Name.

You can also sort the source list based upon one of the data entry fields in the source heading, such as the drilling date, the drilling contractor, etc.: Choose Project > Sort On then select one of the data entry fields listed in quotes.