Printing and Previewing Reports

LOGDRAFT can send your reports to the screen, to the default printer, or to one or more files in either the Windows Metafile (.EMF) format, AutoCAD .DXF format, or .PNG or .JPEG bitmap file formats. Reports are previewed on-screen by clicking on the Preview button; if you want your report to go to a printer follow the directions given below.

To send your reports to a printer:

  1. Choose Print > Reports, Print > Profiles or Print > Subsurface Graphs.
  2. Select the sources that you want to include on your reports, the report and legend forms to be used for the reports and the report scale(s).
  3. LOGDRAFT always sends printouts to the printer selected as the Windows default printer. You can check to see that the proper printer is selected by clicking on the Output settings tab, where the default printer is listed. If necessary, use the Print settings... button to select a different printer.
  4. If you only want to print certain pages of your reports, click on the Output settings tab then check the Choose which pages will be printed box.
  5. Click on the Print button to begin printing.