Making a Custom Legend File for a Single Project

All new projects start out by sharing the same set of legend descriptions and notes -- these come from the default legend file. Since not all projects use the same set of symbols, descriptions and legend notes, LOGDRAFT incorporates an option to associate a custom legend file with any project. Custom legend files are used if you need to use a non-standard set of descriptions for a single project; they also give you the option of creating a set of symbol descriptions and legend notes for a specific client and reusing those descriptions on future projects performed for the same client.

To create a custom legend file for a project:

  1. Create or open the project.
  2. Choose Legend > Create a Custom Legend for this Project.

    If this option isn't available then the project already has a custom legend. Follow the steps given this section to change the project back to using the default legend, after which you can return to this step.
  3. Custom legends are always created from an existing legend file: Once you've chosen Create a Custom Legend for this Project you are given the option of either creating the project's custom legend based upon the symbols and descriptions stored in the program's default legend file or copying another project's custom legend. This selection is made through the dialog shown in the following figure:

Custom Legend Creation Dialog