Legend Files Introduction

As part of a boring log or profile report LOGDRAFT can produce a legend listing descriptions for each of the stratigraphy patterns and sampler symbols used on the log. Some reports, like the profile sample shown in this figure, include the legend on the same page as the subsurface data. Alternatively, LOGDRAFT can add one or more separate pages of legend to your standard boring log reports by using a special form designed just for printing legends (like the one shown in this figure). These legends are automatically printed after your regular boring logs or profiles are generated.

Sample Legend Page

LOGDRAFT gets the descriptions printed next to each symbol along with the notes shown on the bottom of the legend page from a legend file. Multiple legend files are supported, so, for example, you can have one set of symbols and descriptions for jobs done for the Corps of Engineers, a second set of symbols and descriptions to match that those used by your state transportation department and a third set for private clients.

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