Thank you for purchasing the GEOSYSTEM Soil Boring Log package, LOGDRAFT. This package is designed to plot logs of the data gathered during subsurface investigations: In addition to the standard "single-boring-per-page, scaled by depth" report, you can use LOGDRAFT to plot two-dimensional multi-boring reports (also called subsurface profiles) and plan views and to produce summaries of testing data. The package comes with a number of report forms which you can freely modify. You can also custom-design new report forms.

In addition to generating its own reports, LOGDRAFT serves as a front end for the GEOSYSTEM for Windows laboratory testing programs. For example, after entering the depth and number for a sample gathered in a boring the user can click on a link to jump to the GEOSYSTEM for Windows Grain Size Distribution module and enter information about the grain size test performed on the sample; once the grain size information has been entered, closing the program re-displays LOGDRAFT's subsurface data entry screen.