The Lab. Modules Setup Page

Selecting Options > Setup General Options then clicking on Laboratory Test Modules in the navigation panel at the dialog's left side allows you to set some configuration options used by the GEOSYSTEM for Windows laboratory test modules such as LabSuite and SHEAR. This sheet will only be displayed if you have licensed a laboratory test module program.

On reports, "Figure Number" is titled

Many report formats used by the GEOSYSTEM laboratory testing modules feature an area to place a figure number; next to the actual figure number, an identifying title is placed. This prompt allows you to rename the title from "Figure Number" to "Plate:", "Page:" or anything else desired.

Include "Location" prompt on all source tables

This option is provided for compatibility with versions 1.x of the GEOSYSTEM Data Manager program. Normally each sample entered into the "No Source" folder includes a prompt for the sample's "Location" while data entry screens for borings, test pits, etc. don't since the boring number serves to identify the sample's location. The older Data Manager included a Location field for every sample, regardless of whether or not the sample was also associated with a particular boring -- the Include Location... prompt allows you to work with projects that have been created with the older program.