How the Program Determines a Project's Measurement Units

There is a single basic measurement selection that must be made for every LOGDRAFT project file: "US" or "SI" units.

Note: One other option is available when dealing with mismatched units: Report forms may be set up to automatically convert units. For instance, depths may be automatically converted from feet to meters by the report, densities may be converted from pcf to kg/cm2, etc. See the Customization Guide for details.

Once you've opened a project, the units attached to the project are shown in the lower-right corner of the screen .

If the wrong units were selected:

  1. Choose Project > Dimension Units. This displays the Project File Dimension Units dialog.
  2. Select the appropriate units for the project.
  3. The stationing information box allows you to choose a different measurement system to be used for any station numbers you enter into the project -- this is useful if, for example, you've taken your drilling data in US units but you've been given the boring locations as metric station numbers. (See the section on station numbers for a discussion of how LOGDRAFT uses station numbers when plotting profiles.)