Entering Project Data

See this section for a general discussion of LOGDRAFT's data entry facility, including menu selections, keyboard shortcuts and data entry techniques.

Project data is information about your entire project, such as the project's name and number and the client. You only need to enter these data once per project -- the project name, etc. will then show up on any report that reports project information.

To enter project data:

  1. Create or open the project.
  2. Click on "Project Data" in the list of sources and documents entered into your project (this list is in the panel on the left side of LOGDRAFT's window; it's identified as "List of sources and documents entered into the project" in this figure).
  3. Enter your data -- remember that if the current data entry field is a paragraph (multi-line) field then you'll need to press Tab to get to the next field.

Further information: